History of Web Design

Web Design

In olden days to showcase any products, going for interview or to meet anyone, they would struggle to gather all the documents when needed to show their documents and details for others. Now a simple online page (micro site) is enough to show what are their details.

How was the time in past ages when Web Design was not yet available? As the printing industry was flourishing with fine printed copies to show to others.

There came a day in 1989 at CERN. That a new technology came into existence by the works of Tim Berners-Lee called WWW (World Wide Web) which was proposed earlier as a global hypertext project. It was originally created to meet the demands of scientists for sharing information between them and various institutes around the world.

On 30th April 1993, World Wide Web was transferred to public domain. So that everybody who have access to it can browse the contents. You can get the complete details of WWW in the file below;


Nowadays there are many tutorials which gives options to learn the WWW, the famous institutes are NIIT, Arena and others… We also have many online tutorials which gives complete details of the various technologies for web design, the famous online tutorial among them is;


Here you can find the theory as well as practical details for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and others.

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