Designing a Newsletter


Short History of Newsletter (taken from various sources)

Forerunners of modern newsletters were the “corantos” — single-page collections of news items from foreign journals. They were circulated by the Dutch in early 17th century. English and French translations were published in Amsterdam. In English American colonies, Boston News-letter is credited as the first American newspaper in 1704.

Roger W. Babson of Massachusetts introduced an investment advisory letter in 1904, and the Whaley-Eaton Report began in 1918. Circulation of modern newsletters varies from the modest numbers of free letters of small voluntary organizations to the hundreds of thousands achieved by subscription newsletters such as The Kiplinger Washington Letter, begun in 1923 by Willard M. Kiplinger.

The present E-newsletters

The printed newsletters which were at their prime time long ago are loosing their grounds due to their time taken to print them, time taken to publish them and their lifetime.

One more reason why the printed newsletters are loosing their grounds is the problem that it should be handled all the time. People cannot do this, as they will be busy with their other items, is a bit cumbersome and so E-newsletters are gaining their grounds.

An E-newsletter is a printed or electronic report containing news, concerning activities of a business or an organization that is sent to its members, customers, employees or other subscribers. Newsletters contain the latest content published by a particular Organisation, which is delivered as E-newsletters.

Another reason of why E-newsletters are gaining popularity is the design, which can be made according to our wish. The colours can be embeded. We can zoom the page if it is not readable. It can be read in Mobile which we carry always. We can save it for future reading. We can publish it to our subscribers at any time, during day or night. It will reach them.

The advent of desktop publishing in the late 20th century made it possible for an increased number of organizations and individuals to produce professional-looking newsletters in both print and online formats. (Source:

Some of the online emailer service providers are – Constant ContactDripSendinBlueConvertKitAWeberGetResponseMailchimpZoho, and others…

The only problem is the limitation of the design which some time should accept, it is pre-programmed and the themes which we use to design the E-newsletters cannot be modified. This should be accepted and published.

The above service providers provide an option to create the newsletter according to our ideas with the help of page builders. Page builders helps to design newsletters according to the wish of particular Organisation. They have option to send a proof mail for checking with the connected person. Later, as it has the option to store the subscribers email under their own database in a particular area.

While we publish through their wizard, it will give us the option to select the subscribers. After we select it, in some clicks we can send the design to the subscribers email inbox. The process goes in just a few minutes, which is not possible in printed emailer.

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