Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the technology in which most websites were being written in olden days. It is being used from the time WWW was invented. HTML is basic building block for creation of Website. It was created by Whatwg. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. You can find the introduction of HTML in this page. It has many options to design website.

Designs created by HTML is just a text done in proper alignment. But it will not be visually appealing, as it will not be colourful which makes it standout. For this reason on December 17, 1996, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) was developed by Håkon Wium Lie; Bert Bos. When CSS was applied to the websites which were developed by HTML, looked better and appealing.

The websites developed using HTML and CSS was a revolution, which had columns, many formatting options, styles, and other options. We can find a complete list of options used for creating websites in As the websites created by HTML was not responsive (compatible with Mobile and Tablet), it gave rise to BootStrap, which was developed by Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton on 19th August 2011.

Bootstrap combined both HTML and CSS inside it, there was no need for any styling. Bootstrap got more options as versions progressed. It had many colour options and features. It was used to power dynamic websites combined with JavaScript.

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