Emboss and Deboss

There are different ways a printed design can be made attractive. To make the design stand out, there are different ways to achieve it. There are some effects to make it. One such effect is the “Emboss” and another is “Deboss”.


This is the effect that makes the content or any line drawing to appear as coming out of the page near us. The effect is shown in the feature image of this post.

This was done by using PVC blocks, which were the content printed on paper. They are punched using Letterpress machine from backside of the page. There will be no printed copy here and a plain background. These are used in Cover of any book.

Now the punching is done by using a more advanced Electronic controlled machines which does not have any vibration, making a sharp emboss of the content.


This is the effect which makes the content or any line drawing to appear as going inside the page.

The process is same for both “Emboss” and “Deboss” to do. The only change between both the effects is the area where punching is done. For “Deboss” it is done from front of page.

The same process is involved while punching a die-cut. It is done for designing carton boxes for various products.

External References

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